Should You Watch What You Say?

In reality – yes. But in the weird and wonderful world of Cards Against Humanity you are challenged to break through boundaries you never even thought you had! Time to let yourself go and say what feels natural. Fun will be had by all whilst playing Cards Against Humanity.

“Let Me Entertain You”

Robbie Williams was probably thinking of a recent Cards Against Humanity game night. You won’t even notice how time fly’s by when playing this ‘keeping-you- on-the- edge-of- your-seat’ game. Simply bring along your sense of humour, your funny friends and some daring game night devotees and you are bound to be tempted into playing Cards Against Humanity every night.

Do You Have a Willing Wit?

You’re not one to shy away from a dare. You’re the one that takes on the challenge head first. Cards Against Humanity forces you to test your skills as intellectual and where you will always come up tops. This is definitely one of the first games for grown-ups that truly scream the following: let’s get this party started!

Where Can I Find Cards Against Humanity?

It’s very easy to purchase on the company website. But if you want really fast delivery and you are looking for the Australian Edition, your best bet is Fishpond. Trust me, this is not an easy game to find! They say all good things come in limited editions, that’s why it will be quite hard to find it at your local store. We suggest going to the Fishpond website when you want to buy Cards Against Humanity Australia. There not only will you find the standard Australian edition, but you will also find all the expansion packs. You can buy the expansion packs individually or you can buy the lot as a package. So rest assured you will find multiple reliable suppliers and that you can also get these for the lowest price.


Cards Against Humanity Is A Party Game For Horrible People

Cards Against Humanity Makes for Hilarious, Funny Moments

Cards Against Humanity is a truly innovative game. It’s unlike any other in terms of the game play as well as targeting an adult audience. This is a game to enjoy with your family and friends and often gives each other the opportunity to see a side of your fellow players you’ve never seen before – it truly brings people together. Laughter is the best medicine after all.

How Do We Play Cards Against Humanity?

Very simple and easy, for each round, one player asks questions from a BLACK card and every other player answer there funniest WHITE card.
This is a game that can be easily understood. The rules are simple: one player is chosen to read aloud a question from a black card. All the other players must then answer the question with the funniest response on their white cards.

What is Included When You Purchase Cards Against Humanity?
  • 550 quality printed game cards (460 white and 90 black)
  • The game rules and instructions
  • A shrink-wrapped, custom-made game box ensuring you don’t lose any of the above
This is professionally printed cards.

Rest assured; this is a game that was created with the future in mind. You no longer have to worry about wear-and-tear, cards that crease so you know exactly which cards the other players have or simply get torn to pieces by a curious toddler. No, these Cards Against Humanity cards were printed to last you a life time.

Want to learn how to play Cards Against Humanity?

Well the best way to learn after all is to watch. This video from the Ellen show will not only have you in stitches, it will also have you itching to call your friends over and create your own fun!


Buy Cards Against Humanity Australia Online

In a world filled with constant bad news and drama that can make your local soap opera seem like a happy holiday, everyone appreciates and values the lighter side of life. Cards Against Humanity gives us a welcome break from all the negativity and makes you laugh all your cares away.


  • 550 cards (460 white and 90 black)
  • Over 13 round when playing with 6 players
  • High quality playing cards
  • Game rules and their alternatives
  • Shrink-wrapped, custom-made box

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